The Formula: Self Respect = Peer Respect

I often wonder why the hell some of us push away, lie to, neglect and/l mistreat those who care the most about us.

We know who these people are, what they’ve done for us and we have proof that they really do love us. So why do we push them away?

The formula is true in reverse, hate thyself = hate thy neighbor. Hate is a harsh word, but it is necessary to convey the the formula.

The formula SR = PR is the simplification of a well known reality. Love thy neighbor as thy self. You know, “The Golden Rule”.

The formula is a secret into how to keep yourself accountable to you. Of you want to do a self love check, simply examine how you treat those closest to you and you will soon find out how much or how little you love yourself.

Love can only be truly given when it is truly possessed. #makethechange



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