#MinorityFhilosophy: “Giving Birth to Enthusiasm….”

Enthusiasm is born when we grab hold of the reins and control our destiny.- Pekka A. Viljakainen


Giving birth to enthusiasm is more than an advantage to a CEO/Executive Director/or Business Owner, it is a necessity. Why? Because no one follows the boring, play-by-the-book executive anymore. People want a leader who is willing to take a risk, try something new, allow ideas to flow freely, and most of all be mobile.

Now I know you’re thinking ‘What does being a mobile-friendly leader have to do with enthusiasm?’. Well let’s start were Pekka left off…

Grabbing a hold of your destiny is a concept that has been preached for centuries, practiced among nations and proven by empires, but for some reason this widely accepted fhilosophy is not practiced by the masses. Some believe this is due to insecurity, and that may be true; others say its due to a level of comfort we all desire, and that holds it conviction as well. Whether or not most people are afraid of what others may think, not confident in themselves, or don’t want to take the risk of independence and walk the plank of possible failure, history has shown majority of people choose the safe route.

The safe route consist of following the path laid out by another, it must be noted that the safe route does not consist of those walk a similar path but innovate that path along the way. I.E; Personal computers were not created by Steve Jobs but he did innovate the path; Social Media wasn’t created by Mark Zuckerberg, but he did innovate the path.

This idea of capturing enthusiasm is for those who want to follow their wildest dreams, don’t mind failing, and have the passion to see it through no matter how many people look at them sideways. This kind of enthusiasm must stay connected, because it drives the next big thing- atmosphere shifter- game changer- and all the other names life changing innovation and enthusiasm contribute to the world.

CASE-N-POINT: Spend your time forming your dream, harnessing your passion, and putting all your enthusiasm into creating the life you want for yourself; who knows…one day you may wake up and realize you aren’t dreaming. 


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