The Have’s, Have Not’s and Ain’t Got’s

Don’t allow judgment too turn your heart cold.

You know how it is when you see a smelly, filthy, and at first glance relatively incompetent (we’ll deal with this later), homeless person panhandling for food, change, or bus fare.

Now we may not necessarily be bothered all of the time, but I did hear someone say if you live long enough one day you to will experience the agony of others. This puts you in a peculiar situation b/c of conviction, sympathy, or apathy  says to give.

Common sense and perhaps your budgeting wit say; they should get a job like the rest of us. However small the amount may be, we settle our conscience with the fact that they could have avoided being in this situation, so you’re not responsible.

What this logic does is disregard opportunity and probability.

Opportunity= to give and the.

Probability= that  could’ve of been your soiled hand cupped hoping for a little relative fortune in the midst of its absents.

**Early we stated relative incompetence, this is similar to relative fortune, b/c both of them are contingent upon what you possess

The opposition would suggest that they aren’t going to spend the money on anything worthwhile, which is a reflection of their current circumstances, so why should I contribute to their downfall.

The opposition must understand that the have’s, have not’s and ain’t got’s; is relative to what you have.

The moment we begin to generously share what we have (monetarily and intellectually), the faster we will begin to close so many disparity gaps in society and in our minds.


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