Discovered: The Antidote for Writers Block!

This past week I did not write a single blog post, after months and months of writing almost everyday, I did not write one blog post for an entire week.

In fact it was difficult to get out of bed on most days, why? Well its holiday season, I didn’t see a single member of my immediate family, distant relative, or my girlfriend/wife-to-be. Not to mention the financial strains of the holiday season accompanied with my personal issues. Let’s just say I wasn’t necessarily in the holiday spirit.

Nonetheless, I tried to be optimistic and and not be a negative nancy, so I got out of bed, smiled, and participated with my surrogate family in all the family activities, in the midst of it all I never wrote a single word. After all, what do you say when you aren’t looking forward to the final Thursday in November? How do you encourage others when you are in desperate need of encouragement yourself?

As the pressure of life began to cave in on me and the dissatisfaction of stepping stones weighed down my weary soul, I discovered the cure to writers block. It’s so simple I almost slapped myself, so obvious I am ashamed to say, so easy anyone could have done it. The key: just write.

As simple as it sounds it is so true, even as I am writing this blog post I feel the chains of worry lifting off of my shoulders, the stress of expectations being released into the abyss of nonsense. My disease of writers block has been cured by what I was afraid to do. Somehow, last week I had forgotten how to talk myself into doing what liberated me most, writing. In the process I have learned a harsh lesson, “If you believe you can or can’t, you’re probably right.” –Henry Ford.

The truth about writers block is no one is blocking you but you, I will go even further to say that the same is true for life. When you have a ‘not so in the mood’ moment like I had last week remind yourself, life isn’t always the way you want it to be, but that’s the beauty of it all. Sometimes not having what you want makes you realize how blessed you are to possess what you have. It sounds so cliche, but its an absolute truth. If you’ve lost a loved one?  You have an incentive to love those who are still here harder. If you are low on cash? You have to learn how to work with a little bit and then when you come out that financial downtime you can apply those same principals to maximize a lot.

And if you feel as if you have nothing to write about? You have the opportunity to realize that your gifts aren’t contingent upon how you feel, they are your gifts to share with the world in the good times and the bad.



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