#MinorityFhilosopher: “It’s all in the Mix.”

As I was reading a book I recently purchased entitled: No Fear” by: Pekka Valjakainen. He mentioned a great composer named Leonard Berstein. I did what most digital cowboys like myself do, went straight to Youtube to find a video or audio recording of some of his work.

His work was incredible. I am not necessarily a musician, but I do enjoy all genres of music(yes, even country) and his composition was masterful. As I listened to the timed performance of the massive orchestra and the meticulous placement of the percussionist, I begin to contemplate how Leonard’s ability  to compose was parallel to the mindset it takes to properly manage our lives.

Life is nothing but a mixture of stringed instruments, brass/silver horns and  things we can beat on…right? Well for some that is the box of dissatisfaction they live in. When we have a pessimistic point of view about life and we see the down side in everything, we begin to feel as if we are just pulling the strings we are told, making noise about somethings or blowing smoke as some would say, and at the end of the day we are simply hitting something when it’s our turn.

When we see life as a band of beautifully hand-crafted instruments that each play a vital role in generating the desired destination…things get interesting. No longer are we just pulling away at things, we began to delicately interact with them and realizing their soothing power. We no longer breathe to live, rather we live to breathe, and with every breath we operate with purpose. And as the tide comes in and goes out, so do our seasons in life. When it’s our turn we have to be sure to hit the drum of success in harmony with the world.

Case-N-Point: Life is about understanding the different ingredients in the mix. When we understand each ingredient we then understand why so little or so much of it is needed. The fact is we all have a different mix, but everything we need is in the mix.

-Josiah Lawhorn



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