Focusing Your Social Media

John Ploetz Bloggin

How do you use social media for marketing?  Do you use it like a shot gun or do you use it with the precision of a surgeon crafting out your plan for its use very carefully.  I like to think that it is somewhere in between.  The following areas are what I look for in using social media for marketing:

  1. Choose your social media wisely to access your audience.  The playing field is continually changing.   Younger audiences are moving more towards twitter and tumblr, and away from Facebook.  Now the latest info out says Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform.
  2. Stay organized in using your social media.  Use software like Hootsuite to manage your different social media.  But, make sure you individualize your message to get the most out of each type of media you use.  Compare the top 10 management tools at
  3. Make sure…

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