#MinorityFhilosophy: “Food for your Soul”

An old Cherokee told his grandson:


The feeding of our soul happens every second of everyday through each decision we make. When we first hear our alarm in the morning we decide whether or not we would like to snooze or get out of bed. When we go out to lunch with a friend we decide what the quality of the food we physically consume is going to be.

We even decide what we allow ourselves to hear for majority of the day. The decisions we make will always influence the the condition of our soul. Who we choose to socialize with, affects the soul… where we choose to live, affects the soul… and the daily habits we build as a foundation for our decisions, can completely alter the soul.

Case-N-Point: We must all be mindful of what we feed our minds/soul. The decisions we make on what/who/where we associate ourselves with , can often determine our legacy.


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