#MinorityFhilosophy: “Can’t we all Just get Along?”

Heracleitus, the Greek philosopher, suggest that the world exists as a coherent system in which a change in one direction is ultimately balanced by a corresponding change in another, and that between all things there is a hidden connection.

The number one reason war or disputes between friends break out is simple, change in one direction affects change in another and change always brings about tension.

Tension however is not necessarily a bad thing. Tension fuels creative thinking. Tension causes people to work together or separate. Tension provokes decisions. And decisions lead to change.

The reason we don’t get along with people is often because of the change they propose to our lives. If we begin to understand how to discern the effects of changes, we will save ourselves a lot of time and pain. There is no need to try and get along with someone who is intentional about opposing everything you, but you must learn to understand who these people are, why they are that way, and come to a solution about how you may coexist, if necessary. Otherwise you miss a great opportunity to change.

Case-N-Point: Change is always relative to the situation, we determine whether change will be a good thing or a bad thing. The key is learning how to adapt to any change without losing focus of the change you are supposed to bring about.

-Josiah D Lawhorn



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