#MinorityFhilosophy: “It Ain’t About You”

John Maxwell suggest their are 3 components of Victory:
1. Unity of Vision
2. Diversity of Skills
3. A leader dedicated to victory and raising players to their potential

This complex equation of managing human capital requires a common denominator that allows for every element to function simultaneously. That common denominator is humility.

Without humility vision is undermined. Diversity is either disregarded or disrespected. And the leader doesn’t develop the team because they are to busy developing themselves.

On the other hand when humility is a priority; people respect the vision and take ownership, diversity becomes a major asset to each individuals personal growth, and the leader learns that the more we help others the more we help ourselves and in developing others we allow others to help develop us.

Case-n-point: “Always put the mission before the me.”- Dr. Cecil Murray…because it ain’t about you.

-Josiah D Lawhorn


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