#TheRichestMan-n-Babylon: “You Should be Messing Up”

You know that thing you are really really good at? I mean that thing that you could do with your eyes closed, in the Middle of a storm with one hand behind your back? Yea that thing…have you ever considered that that thing can be what’s hindering you the most?

It goes like this. We all develop skills and over time we perfect those skills in such a way that we become comfortable with our excellent performance. We call this specialization. It is very Critical to specialize in something no doubt, but what happens when your specialty is no longer special? When what you are doing is second nature and no longer excites you?

We have to discover different ways to specialize our specialty. We have to be intentional about consistently making progress, the hard part is when we try new things we have to go through that painful stage of messing up over and over again.

Case-N-Point: The harsh reality is that we can’t skip the “messing up” stage, the good news is that the painful stage is what helps us realize how special we are.

So suck it up and put yourself in a position to start messing up enough to be special.


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