#MinorityFhilosophy: “You Just do You Imma do Me”

Confucius believed that the way of being human was self discipline and returning to ritual.

Dissecting this idea of self discipline leads to 3 important questions; How do you define self? What is discipline? & Do the same rules apply to everyone?

Self: Your self is your uniqueness. Who you are intellectually, habitually, emotionally, etc. No one is the same, we all are different and the sooner we appreciate our differences the easier it is to live with one another.
Discipline: Is relative to your uniqueness. An artist has a different definition of discipline than a CEO of a fortune 500 company. That doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong, it is just a result of uniqueness.
Rules of Discipline: are simple and universal, but we must remember they are relative to our uniqueness.

1. Learn thyself

2. Perfect thy strengths and manage thy weaknesses

3. Share thy wisdom

Now where does returning to ritual fit in?

When we come to the realization that their have been many who discovered their uniqueness before us, but only the ones who understood and practiced the rules left an impact, we can prepare ourselves to enjoy our human experience.

Case-N-Point: Identify thyself, then pull from the wisdom shared by those who came before us to understand your uniqueness and the rules that govern it. Practice maximizing your potential and before you know it you will be. This will bring you great joy my friend(in my Confucius tone).


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