“Don’t Let Enthusiasm Rule Out Reality”

“Enthusiasm for a cause sometimes warps judgement.”  –William Howard Taft

We all chose sides on different causes, philosophies and decisions we chose to employ in our lives. Such as; Democrat vs Republican, Progressive vs Conservative, Apple vs Samsung, Coffee Bean vs Starbucks…… you get the idea. We like certain places, things, methods, and ideas that we allow to guide our direction. Theirs nothing wrong with having a bias or being completely enthused by an idea, unless of course you allow that enthusiasm to rule out your rationale. Even though I am an enthusiast for Coffee bean, rationale says I shouldn’t drive 10 miles out of my way for my white chocolate mocha, Why? Because my 10 o’clock appointment is more important, so Starbucks it is.

In business we all know what we provide to our clients, how it benefits them, and why our price is more reasonable than our competitors. Rationale suggest, not everyone needs what we offer, everyone doesn’t benefit from our service, and some may not be able to afford it.


Don’t allow your enthusiasm to refocus your efforts, stay on track.

-Josiah D Lawhorn


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