Entry #5

July 3,2013 DC 13’ 11:47pm

Today my life was changed. I can’t even put into words how I felt visiting the memorials. The 3 that impacted me the most were the Jefferson memorial, Lincoln memorial, and the most of all was the MLK memorial. I aspire to be a scholar like Jefferson, a strategic leader like Lincoln, and leave a lasting impact like MLK. But most of all I will strive for excellence like all of these men and never settle for mediocrity. I no longer care about fitting in because I know I’m made to stand out. As one wise woman told me, “real leaders are eagles because eagles fly alone”. I’ve always felt like I should go against the grain of negativity, injustice, pop culture, and anti-progressive ideology. But I never really believed in myself enough to do it. Well today that changed. I pray that the God in me would use me in a powerful way to not only transform myself but transform this world we live in.

-Josiah D. Lawhorn

DC 13' Day 4 037 DC 13' Day 4 062


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