Entry #3

July 1, 2013 DC 13’ Day 3 11:19pm

Today was intense to say the least, but I took in a lot of wisdom, knowledge, practical tools, and insight. One of the most helpful tips I heard today was to not try and use all your tools at once. You have to master them one at a time, otherwise you’ll hurt yourself. That makes me feel like it’s all good as long as I take the steps one at a time. Another point I pondered for a while was one brought up in our morning devotion by Rhonda Parris. Mrs. Parris asked: Can the Moses who split the red sea, UN split our nation? I wonder what it will take to make a powerful, lasting, and drastic change in a nation like America. I’m praying that the change can take place within me first then allow me to lead by example to the rest of my generation.  I wish it could happen yesterday, but not my will but thine be done.

-Josiah D. Lawhorn


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